FED Reward Points (FED RPs)

The Reward Point System is fairly simple and easy to work with. You can use FED reward points instead of actual cash to purchase just about any service we offer. Think of it as virtual credit.

 What's the conversion?
$1 = 4 reward points

So, for example you need 500 reward points to cover the basic cost of a book cover, which is $125. (this isn't counting any extra fees)

How do I get reward points?

  • Upon signing up, you will automatically receive 5 reward points.
  • A testimonial is awarded 10 reward points.
  • Every referral (someone who mentions your name) earns you 5 reward points
  • When you participate in FED contests, you will receive 5 reward points.

There might be seasonal offers on Reward Points depending on events, social media sharing, and so on.

Referrals and Affiliate system (coming soon)

Some FED contributors have decided to be awarded points instead of royalties. This option could be negotiated per contract.

Where do I check my reward points?
Simply log into your account, and click on "Your Reward Points"

Can I cash in my reward points for actual money?
No. The reward point system is there to encourage business and facilitate payments for clients. 

Can I gift someone else my reward points?
Yes, but not directly. It would have to be done through an admin. Send us an email, and we will deduct the points from your account and give it to another person, provided the other party is a signed up client. You can also take advantage of our gift voucher system, which allows you to place a certain amount of cash credit into someone else's account. You can do that from your own user area.

If you have any more questions or concerns regarding reward points, don't hesitate to contact: info@farahevers.com