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Audiobooks and podcasts are on the rise. Podcasts are especially brilliant promotional tools these days. More and more authors are making good use of this social platform.          

And audiobooks have become so popular for handsfree entertainment. No matter what venue you're in, whether you're starting a podcast or you need a beautiful cover for your audiobook, you’ll want to make sure you have high quality covers. Let FED create an eye grabbing cover that stands out in any library. The goal is to reel in new listeners with a cover that's good enough to pique a browser's interest.

What better place to start than here with FED?







Price Estimates:

  • Standard iTunes cover starting at $125.00 for audio book, podcast, music album or single. Basically, any standalone type of cover.
  • Audiobook series, second book onward: $85.00/series.
  • Each edit costs $5 & everytime I have to switch out an image, that's an extra $10. That's because swapping out images affect the overall design and composition, which in turn expands the time spent on recreating the cover. Everytime I revisit a design, it takes away from other projects in terms of time and effort. Please provide as many details and thoughts in the contact form. The more clear you are about what you have in mind, the better I can materialize it. (Unless you're leaving the whole process up to me)
  • I am usually super fast and efficient. My turnaround time is between 2-5 business days.