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Readers bond with your characters. They become their friends, companions, mentors and even loved ones. While I am usually opposed to physical depiction of characters, I like to make exceptions for genres like sci-fi and fantasy. This doesn't mean that I won't illustrate your romance character, or your horror setting. FED, after all, is here to service you.


I've found many indie authors like to give their characters physical persona, and I kind of understand that. As far as authors are concerned, the readers don't know what characters look like. They can not gaze into their eyes, and neither can they actually see enchanting landscapes described in your work...

What if you could provide exactly that to your readers?

FED offers you digital paintings perfectly tailored to suit the theme or characters of your book.
Digital Paintings are eye catchers and are sure to turn a few heads if marketed correctly.

The painting is not just a part of the cover, it is the entire cover. It can be created to suit absolutely any genre right from Horror and Sci-Fi to Romance and Fantasy.

With your books, you take readers to faraway places, introduce them to people and landscapes, enchanting them with their charm. With digital paintings, you add a bit more color to them.




  • Starting at $450.00. Projects like this require days (sometimes months) of work. Again, these prices do not include revisions, changing your mind, editing stuff, changing up a major part of the illustration or overall art, checkout fees, and so on. Some projects might be given higher or lower estimates, depending on the expected amount of work.
  • Extra: $5 per minor revision & $15 per major revision. It's the difference between changing an entire character in a scene, for example, or simply adjusting some small detail about an existing piece.
  • I am usually super fast and efficient. In the case of digital art, it's hard to tell how long the turnaround time will be, but you can rest assured, I'll be working around the clock to get you your artwork done.