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We are often told not to judge a book by the cover but the fact is while strolling through the bookstore or a library, or even while browsing online, that is the first thing that catches our eyes. And once you have caught a reader's attention, the reader bags your book.

Commonly a book cover comprises of an image related to the book’s theme with stylish lettering. But what brings a book closer to a reader is something unique to the book, like a symbol or an emblem, something that can be scribbled down on the corners of notebooks to bring a smile. That something is an Illustration, specially designed for a particular book.






It can be a symbol from the book or it could just fit in with book’s theme. It can be simple or something very intricate and beautiful. One can also have similar cover illustrations and fleurons.


norse wolf


In this example, my client Melissa Snark requested a custom illustration for one of her covers. The above Yin Yang piece is a custom design, whereas the wolf design below was ordered as a separate fleuron.

Illustrations pull in huge popularity for a book. Harry Potter is among most popular books but the only symbol irrevocably bound with Harry Potter is the symbol of the Deathly Hallows and that's because it features as an Illustration on the book’s cover. Simple as it is, if it functions as a custom illustration that is related to your book's theme, it's usually considered a custom illustration and not a fleuron. It is very possible though, to use your illustrations as fleurons if they are not too complex in design. Otherwise, FED will offer to simplify the design.


When it comes to illustrations, you are spoilt for choice at FED. We offer you a wide range of graphics to make your book a magbet for readers.







Prices for fleurons or custom vector graphics:

  • Starting at $75.00. Again, these prices do not include revisions, changing your mind, editing stuff, changing up a major part of the illustration, checkout fees, and so on. Some projects might be given higher or lower estimates, depending on the expected amount of work.
  • Custom illustrations can be simplified for a small extra fee, starting at $30, to be used as fleurons or book symbols.
  • Extra: $5 per revision.
  • I am usually super fast and efficient. My turnaround time is between 4-8 business days.