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We all know how important social media is in today's world. Everyone has one platform or another. It's almost like our virtual living room, and that's a public space worth sprucing up. We can't function without them anymore. The same goes for personal websites. Whether you have an author website or a website dedicated to your books alone, banners and sliders are what breathe life in color into your page.

Social media covers and web banners are some of the most requested services here at FED. Everyone has a platform, and among thousands of other author or publisher pages, you want yours to stand out. We've actually done hundreds of non-author related banners for all sorts of sites. And don't worry about matching avatars. Those are included for free.



Price Estimates:

  • Starts at $120 for a web banner. Again, these prices do not include revisions, changing your mind, editing stuff, exchanging full images, checkout fees, and so on. Some projects might be given higher or lower estimates, depending on the expected amount of work.
  • Website sliders start at $35 a piece for 3 banners or more.
  • Podcast banners start at $15 / episode for 10 episodes or more.
  • Each edit costs $5 & everytime I have to switch out an image, that's an extra $10. That's because swapping out images affect the overall design and composition, which in turn expands the time spent on recreating the cover. Everytime I revisit a design, it takes away from other projects in terms of time and effort. Please provide as many details and thoughts in the contact form. The more clear you are about what you have in mind, the better I can materialize it. (Unless you're leaving the whole process up to me)
  • I am usually super fast and efficient. My turnaround time is between 2-5 business days.